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Registered Facebook accounts for advertising. No advertising ban. Email registration is included. All accounts have an avatar and background, FanPage has been created. A non-discrimination policy has been adopted. The default cabinet currency is USD.

PL registration country, PL mobile proxies used. Includes 2FA, cookies, user agent.

Output format, separator TAB (tabulation) for easy import into excel:

Registration date/Profile link/Birthday/FB login/FB password/Mail and password/2fa/UserAgent/Token/Cookies

- At the moment, it is preferable to log in to your account through a cookie / user agent. Cookie login success depends on your browser/proxy, when logging in with cookies, it is recommended to use a browser on the Chromium 85 engine and higher and use the attached user agent.

- 90% of login errors (confirmation by mail, checkpoint for suspicious actions, wrong username or password, logging out some time after logging in) are due to low-quality proxies. In case of an incorrect login or password error, it is most often a mismatch between the countries of the proxy and the account, use proxies whose geo is relevant to the account. It is preferable to use private mobile Kyivstar / Vodafone / Life.