Buy ✅ UA Facebook Advertising access reinstated⭐ Age 9+ months, Manual Farm 1+ months ▶️ FP/2FA/Recovery codes/EAAB Token/Cookies/User-Agent/Mail included/Avatar, profile, gender Female. SMS confirmed + resting ✅

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Registered Facebook accounts for advertising. With passed advertising ban. Email registration is included. All accounts have an avatar. A non-discrimination policy has been adopted. There is FP. There is access to the marketplace. Two-factor authentication (2fa) is enabled. The default cabinet currency is USD. Account with tracking

Country of registration UA. Farm on mobile UA proxies. Includes EAAB token, user agent, cookies

Output format, separator TAB (tabulation) for easy import into excel:

Facebook profile link/Birthday/FB login/FB password/Mail and password/Name/2fa/Recovery codes/UserAgent/Token/Cookies