How to login

Entry order:

1 - Check the validity of the account

2 - Check your anonymity indicators (proxy, antique, desired geo)

3 - Login to your account

1. Account validity check

When buying, there is a profile ID - when you click on the profile link (without logging in and without loading cookies), you will either open the user profile or not open it.
If it shows an avatar, photos, wall, first name, last name, etc. - you can log into your account - it is alive.
Substitute your value: or follow the link where xxx is the profile id

2. Checking anonymity scores

Go to the site and run the checks (as it should, it starts automatically). The verification rate must be 100% - otherwise, there is no point in logging into your account. There are also other anonymity checking sites like and others. We cannot recommend any specific one, since indicators and anonymity requirements are a highly variable situation. The user himself must monitor the indicators of anonymity and provide the necessary level necessary for work.

3. Login to your account

The kit provides all the necessary information for easy entry and use. Cookies, user agent must be added to antique. Choose a proxy in accordance with the geo account. Change IP before logging in.

How to warm up an account:

1. The most important thing is to use antidetect browsers and good individual proxies
Browser recommended: Indigo or Incogniton or Octo
We recommend proxies: ipv4 or mobile
2. Correspondence with people who are the first to write to you is welcome (incoming)
You can even answer audio and video calls - this greatly increases trust.
3. Block some impudent people who write nasty things to you or send porn materials, it is advisable to write a complaint against them, 100% greatly increases trust
4. In a few days you can already start setting up advertising
(some start right away, but we do not recommend)
5. At the first login, close your browser for 30 minutes so that FB does not block you for "suspicious activity" - if you are active, then reduce your ardor.
Do not exit through the "Exit" button - just close the browser or FB tab
6. If you bought an account without friends, we recommend that you collect at least 50 of them before launching ads

Other recommendations:

- do not text new people (RECOMMENDED: reply to incoming messages and video calls)
- do not add photos
- do not leave your account without moving the mouse for more than 5 minutes immediately upon initial login
- behave like a real ordinary user. If you first logged into FB and went to set up ads like a pro, FB will see this activity and throw you out for a selfie because the average user does not have such skills.
- FB is an artificial intelligence machine. Do not be upset if she outplayed you, the real Gurus of Traffic Arbitration - they use 100 accounts at the same time, 50 reach the drain of traffic, of these 50 units show the result of 10 units (the result that covers all their expenses and allows them to earn from a million rubles a month) .
It's difficult, but you can.
- The more you warm up the acc, the more chances you have to merge advertising into a plus - but it makes no sense to warm it up for months. 4-7 days is enough. In general, this figure is changeable in any direction and it is recommended to subscribe to thematic channels to understand the situation as a whole.

The code is not sent to the mail (error) - what should I do?
1 - We get an error sending the code
2 - Log out of the account and click Recover password by Mail (forgot password)
3 - 100% recovery code will come
4 - Next, enter a new password
5 - Next, FB will tell you that the account is still blocked but there is no way to restore by mail (only through friends, date of birth and phone)
6 - If a date of birth appears - you are lucky (we use it)

What if only PHONE OR FRIENDS?
1 - We leave login attempts for 12-24 hours and log in again from the Facebook mobile application (already with a new password)
2 - Facebook will offer you to restore the session through the PC browser - select
3 - Refresh the page on the Facebook PC (or enter the account again)
4 - We confirm the login attempt from the phone that it was you
5 - Account successfully restored
If in the process of changing the password the error is Sorry - then change the proxy and antidetect

"You entered the wrong password" - what to do?

90% of login errors (confirmation by mail, checkpoint for suspicious actions, incorrect username or password, logging out some time after logging in) are due to low-quality proxies. In case of an incorrect login or password error, it is most often a mismatch between the countries of the proxy and the account, use proxies whose geo is relevant to the account. In fact, the password is 100% correct, BUT FB does not like your browser or proxy - you need to change it. A common mistake is that the proxy does not match the account's geo. If you think that everything is fine with you - log in using your login and password through your phone (Facebook application) and you will be very surprised - he will enter.

How to pass the checkpoint?

If you still got to the checkpoint, then do the following procedure.
In the antidetect browser, create a new profile (with a new fingerprint) and use new proxies.
Import cookies to this profile and FB will prompt you to restore your account through the old login method.
That is, he will ask "Did you try to log in earlier?" - press YES and you will successfully log in to your account